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You can create and modify templates through Settings page, if you have the needed user rights. However, keep in mind that modifying the templates requires advanced technical know-how about how different email clients function. Making changes to the source code easily breaks the functionality of the templates. We charge by our hourly rates for possible repairs. The safest and easiest way is to ask changes directly from us. Contact our sales team.

When modifying a template, you usually mainly modify sections and images that will be repeated in all your newsletters. This could be your company's logo, for example. Other image and text modifications should be done through draft templates so they don't affect all your newsletters. Read more about draft templates. 


1 Click on the template name to edit the template. If you click on the template line, the function icons in the top bar are activated.
2 Use the arrow buttons to arrange the templates. The order affects the order of the templates on the Messages page.
3 From the function icons in the top bar, you can e.g. create a new template or edit an old one, create folders, and import a new template from your computer.

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