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Sender email
Email is sent from this address. The address must be valid because out-of-office messages will be directed to it and the recipient might send a question to this address. Alternatively, you can enter the sender's email address in the template settings.

Sender name
This is the name that is used as the sender of the email. Alternatively, you can enter the sender's name in the template settings.

Sender mobile number (SMS)
The sender's mobile number. The maximum length of the sender's number is 11 characters. The number is used for SMS deliveries.

Automatic bounce handling
Choose No if you want invalid emails, i.e. bounces to be sent to the sender's email. In this case, the system doesn't handle bounces.

We recommend keeping the Yes (handled by the system) setting on. Make note that if you don't allow the system to handle bounces, bounce data will not appear in reports. There is also a risk that a part of the recipients will classify the message as spam because the source and handling addresses are different.

Save the changes you have made to settings.

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