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If the Detailed reporting feature is in use, further information on the number and time of clicks can be found on the Clicks tab.


1 The Link summary shows all the links in the message as well as the number of clicks, except unsubscription and archive links.
2 The recipients who clicked on the link can be viewed by clicking the View button and the information can also be downloaded.
3 Clicking the View link shows a graphical representation of how many clicks each link has. Please note that if the same link is used in more than one section of the letter, the number of clicks will be added together.

The Clicks by the time of day graph shows the times when users have clicked on the links during a 24-hour period. Hovering the mouse over a bar shows the exact amount for the given time.


How does the click tracking technically work?

In order for us to get the data about clicked links to your report, LianaMailer adds a campaign ID to the links in your newsletter. When a recipient clicks a link, they are first directed to Liana's server where the link's campaign ID is saved. After this, the recipient is directed to the actual address of the link. This way, the link click can be counted in your report. This is a common practice to find out newsletter link click numbers and has been proven effective in email marketing.

However, you should keep in mind that this method is not currently seamless, as it does not count clicks of mailto links, anchor links, and file links, for example. Mailto links are going to be included in tracking during 2021.

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