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If the Detailed Reporting feature is in use, further information on the number and time of opens can be found from the Opens tab.

The Opens by the time of day diagram shows how many of the messages have been opened during each hour of the day. The green bars describe how the Total Opens is distributed to different hours. The exact value of a green bar can be seen by hovering the mouse above the bar.


The Opening Hours After Delivery diagrams show how soon the message has been opened after delivery. The diagram shows a three-day period where the days have been separated by using different colors on the diagram.


In the upper diagram, the opens during each day are shown as a continuous timeline, whereas in the lower one how the opening times differ during different days.


The Time of open section shows what has happened after the delivery in a pie chart. Hovering the mouse above a block shows the amount of opens per day.


How does the tracking of the message opens technically work?

To get the data about opens into your report, LianaMailer adds a small invisible image in your newsletters. Once a recipient opens a letter they’ve received, the image is downloaded from our server and the open can be added to your report. This method is a popular one in email marketing to track message opens and has been proven to work. 

However, this method is not without its faults because it doesn’t work if you want to send a text-only newsletter. Tracking message opens also can’t count opened newsletters if the recipient has defined in their email client settings that they don’t want images to be displayed. This function doesn’t work if the recipient’s firewall or spam filter prevents images from opening. Recipients’ servers can also limit outgoing traffic and thus, prevent LianaMailer from getting data about opens. 

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