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The delivery information of sent newsletters can be found in Reports. The report data and their interpretation are a vital aspect of planned email marketing because they reveal information such as who has opened the newsletter, what were the most popular links, and how often the links were clicked. The data is updated in real time.

Link click tracking and message opening tracking are turned on by default.


1 All the deliveries made from the account are listed here. On the right, you will see information about each delivery. You can view more detailed data by clicking on the delivery name. You can read more about these on the subpages of the Reports page.
2 If a message has been sent to several lists, a summary of the entire delivery is shown on one row, and individual list-specific reports separately below. Open list-specific reports from the plus sign. 
3 Open ratio and click-through ratio averages and monthly distribution.
4 By clicking the Labels field you open the report labels that have already been entered to the Labels field of individual deliveries (for example, internal/customer/marketing newsletter). The statistics of newsletters are available according to these labels. Labels are added to the labels field that is on the right-hand side of the view. Depending on the user, there are also report channels where you can choose if you're labeling LianaMailer or LianaAutomation deliveries.
5 You can determine the interval you want to view statistics from.
6 View only my reports excludes all other deliveries than the ones made with your username.
7 In the top toolbar, you will find actions that can be performed to the reports. Click on the report line to activate the action icons. You can e.g. open the message for redelivery, download the report in PDF format, or download the report data to an Excel file.
8 You can search for specific deliveries from the reports.

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