Autoresponders in LianaMailer

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Autoresponder reacts to a previously defined event and sends a message you have created as a response to this event. This event can be, for example, joining a mailing list. 

To set up an autoresponder, you have five stages to go through. The stages are the same as in Sending a newsletter for the most part. 

In stage 2 you give the information for the autoresponder. 


1 Name the autoresponder.
2 Choose the event that triggers the automated message.
3 Choose whether you want the automated message to be sent to an address when it's brought to the list.
4 Choose whether you want the message to be sent once or every time a person does something that triggers the automated message.
5 After how much time of the chosen event is the message sent.
6 Give delivery time.
7 Which days of the week are the messages sent on.

After completing, press save.

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