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You can also send SMS messages with LianaMailer. Sending SMS messages happens with a customized SMS template that can be found in the Templates main menu after it has been installed.


1 Give the message a name. The name is shown on the draft list but it is not visible to the receiver of the message. If no name is given to the message, the name automatically forms from the first few letters of the message.
2 Enter the sender's name, phone number, or some other identifier that is shown to the recipient in the Source name field. A phone number can contain max. 16 characters, a name max. 11 and min. three characters. A name can only contain alphabets a-z, numbers, and/or _ signs.  

Write the message. One message can be max. 160 characters in length. You can also send longer messages when the charged messages are according to the total message count. 

If emojis or Unicode characters are used in the message, the maximum character limit for the message is 70 characters.


You can follow the message length from the counter.




Choose the recipient list from the lists that you have uploaded to LianaMailer or enter the phone numbers of recipients in the field. Separate multiple numbers with commas or line breaks. You can enter the phone numbers with the operator code attached (0401234567) or separated with a space (040 1234567) or with a hyphen (040-1234567).

LianaMailer automatically adds the country code (+49, for example) to those numbers that don't already have it. If the default country code of the account is the same as in the ones the SMS is sent to, you can enter the country code with the plus sign (+49401234567) or without it (358401234567). If the default country code of the account is different from the ones the SMS is sent to, add a plus sign and the country code (+49401234567) in front of the phone numbers in the address settings.

If you don't know the default country code of your account, contact our support

2 By clicking the green sign next to the Recipient count you can see the number of recipients.
3 Enter the time you want the message to be delivered in the Delivery time field and choose the timezone. You don't need to choose a time if you want the message to be delivered immediately.
4 The Total message count shows the number of messages that will be charged. If the message length exceeds 160 characters, the number of messages increases.
5 Save your choices and send the preview message to the number you want.
6 Send SMS button is activated after sending the preview and you can send the message.

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