The archive version of a newsletter

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An archive version of the newsletter, which is a version that can also be read on a browser, is often created. It can be accessed through a newsletter's archive link, which is attached to a message by default if the user has the archive version on.

An archive link is created by entering $archive$ into the link URL field.

A link to the public archived version

The archive version of a message is personalized for recipients in the same manner as the actual letter. For example, clicking the Cancel link will take the user to the Cancel page, where the recipient's e-mail address has been pre-entered.

If the newsletter is added onto the front page as a link, the link has to direct to the so-called standard version of the letter, which does not contain any personalized features. The link can be found from the Message report on Show from Archive. The link is in the form:

Modifying the archived version

The newsletter version that can also be read on a browser can be later modified by clicking a newsletter on the Reports page and choosing Preview - Show from archive.

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