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The text in a newsletter can be personalized for recipients in two ways. With text or content blocks.

Text personalization for recipients

Text can be personalized for individual recipients, for example "Hi Jane Doe!". Personal details that have been saved (columns), such as a name or address, can be used in personalization.

Subscriber information is embedded into the newsletter using dollar signs. For example: $First name$ and $Address$.

1. Create an Excel spreadsheet with all the required information. The information may include details such as first name, last name, and address.


2. Import the list to LianaMailer with the List import tool.


3. Create a new message. Type in the column title in the exact same way as it is in the column of the address file. Add dollar signs. For example, Firstname-> $Firstname$. The dollar signs are replaced in the delivery stage with each recipient's personal information.

Do not use punctuation between dollar signs. For example, if you want to use more than one word, use _ after the words.

The available information can also be found on the Settings page under the Properties tab.


Note! Personalized parts may not function properly in a preview if the email is not accompanied by the appropriate information in the system.

Text personalization when the feature is retrieved through LianaAutomation

If you are sending a newsletter through LianaMailer and you want to personalize the text with one of the person properties available through LianaAutomation, do the following:

1. The subscriber information you want personalized is placed between dollar signs in the newsletter. For example, if you want to show the recipient's purchases from the previous month, you could use the variable $Purchases_month$.

  • Write the column name exactly in the same form as it is in the address list column.
  • Do not use punctuation. If you want to use many words, use _ sign between words.
  • Dollar signs are replaced by each recipient's information when the message is delivered.

2. After this, go to the LianaAutomation platform, and on the Segments page, add a property condition to the segment used in automation. 

In the example below, tender_offer-amount (the amount of money offered for a product in auction) has been added to the newsletter. As in the example above, the text in the newsletter also includes the field name $tender_offer-amount$


3. To make the property update to the address list at desired intervals, create a new automation for the property on the Automations page. Thus, the number of purchases in the previous month in the example of item 1 is updated according to the settings in this step.

On the Automation page, drag the elements Start at, Is in segment, Add to mailing list and Stop to the automation plan. Click each element and choose the settings you want from the Properties tab, such as update interval, mailing list and segment the automation concerns.


Finally, save the automation.


Personalized content in the Drag&Drop editor

Can be used with Custom Editor.

Drag&Drop editor enables you to create personalized content. 

Take the cursor on the block you want to personalize and an icon bar appears on the right. Click the cogwheel icon and tick the box This block contains personalized content.


If you don't want to send any content in this block for some recipients, also tick Do not show default content which makes this block not visible to chosen recipients. 


Press save and click the text part of the personalized block in the newsletter where you are able to edit its content.

Click the green plus sign after this.


After this the drop-down menu shows No name as default.


Click the cogwheel icon, and you can start defining the settings of the personalized block from the popup window that opens.


Give a suitable name to the block that has conditions. The block's name will not be visible in the newsletter.

The drop-down menu shows you the features that you have chosen as the subscribers' information when you have uploaded them to LianaMailer. This feature determines who sees the particular newsletter block content. You can add feature fields from the green plus sign.

The condition field lets you determine whether the Value in the next field has to exist so that the recipient can see this particular block in the newsletter or is it sufficient that the field is not empty.

Enter the value in the Value field that has to match the feature in the subscriber information value field so that the recipient is able to see this particular block in the newsletter.

If the subscriber information doesn't match with the criteria, they see the default content of the newsletter, provided that This block contains personalized content is not ticked in the settings.

Finally, press Save.

This particular block of the newsletter is now visible to the target group that meets your conditions.

If you also want to send the letter to those who do not meet the conditions for personalized sections, select Allow empty condition blocks from the Advanced settings in the message settings when creating a delivery. In this case, they receive the letter without the personalized blocks of the letter.


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