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In the final step of creating a message, you will see a summary of the settings you have selected and details of the draft. Before you can send the message, you need to send a preview of the draft. The Send Message button is not activated until the preview has been sent.

The preview message can be sent several times in the earlier steps when creating the newsletter, but the program still requires sending the preview before the final delivery to the recipients.

Both the formatted HTML and text versions of the newsletter will be sent. In the preview, you will receive these two versions as separate letters. In the final delivery to recipients, both versions are sent in the same email. It depends on the recipient's email client and the settings they have chosen which version of the letter is displayed. By doing so, the system helps to reach as many recipients as possible. The actual recipients only see one of the messages.



1 The spam analysis states how many spam points the message would receive. A message with over 2 points may be interpreted as junk mail.
2 The HTML version section shows the message subject, size, and any possible errors. Notifications with a yellow mark are primarily warnings, which do not prevent sending the message, such as the large size of a message. Errors that prevent the system from sending the message are marked with a red exclamation mark, and they must be fixed before the message can be sent. Take the cursor on the exclamation mark and you can see the reason for the warning.
3 The information and warnings of the plain text version of the message are shown separately, similarly to the HTML version.

The Recipients section shows the selected delivery lists, and any other defined recipients.
In this section, LianaMailer also notifies you about the mailing list's missing email addresses with a yellow exclamation point. Missing addresses don't, however, stop the delivery.

You'll also see the list health of the mailing lists selected for the delivery. The list health is determined by many factors. The health is reduced by sending a letter to the so-called for greylisted addresses, which are, for example, expired and misspelled domains and role addresses on the list, such as The list health can be considered good when the number is over 90-95.

When the list health is weak, you should clean up the lists by deleting invalid addresses and replace all role addresses with real addresses of organization decision-makers. High-quality mailing lists have many benefits, such as faster delivery times and more detailed message reports. Please contact our support for tips on how to clean up your lists.

5 The preheader you've written, subscription/unsubscription page you've chosen, message sender, delivery time, and selected tracking options are shown in the settings. Additions to feeds and archive pages are also shown here.

A Preview message must be sent before the actual delivery. The Send option is not available before sending a preview. If you make changes to the draft after this, the preview must be sent again after making changes. 

When you've checked the preview and made sure everything is correct, press Send or Schedule, depending on whether you previously chose to schedule the message for the future or send it immediately.


Cancelling a scheduled message

If you want to cancel a scheduled transmission, you can do this from the LianaMailer front page. Click the trash can icon on the right and then accept cancelling the scheduled message.


After the delivery

Once a newsletter has been sent, it will automatically be stored in the archive and you can resend it and modify it on the Compose message page. The Reports section contains all sent newsletters and their delivery information.

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