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A newsletter is sent through the Messages page. All available templates, drafts, and draft templates will be shown on the list.

When you're composing a newsletter, it is automatically saved as a draft. The message is moved from the Drafts tab to the Sent messages tab after delivery. The message stays on the Sent messages tab for a limited time. All sent drafts can be seen on the Reports page.

You can choose a template to use as a base for your newsletter on the Messages page. The templates are created by Liana Technologies according to the customer's wishes. If you have the need for new templates, contact our team.

Draft template
You can create draft templates from the drafts you've made on your template. You can use draft templates to base future newsletters on. Note that the Draft templates tab is only visible once you've created your first draft.


1 Choose a template by clicking on its image or by clicking the Compose a new newsletter link next to the template. If there are draft templates on your account, choose the draft template that you want to start working with.
2 You can find the drafts you've made, sent drafts, drafts that you scheduled to be sent but canceled, and draft templates by changing tabs.
3 You can reopen a draft to modify it by clicking the draft's title.
4 You can create a draft template from a draft and use it as a basis for future newsletters. Click the Copy to a draft template icon to create a draft template. From the icons on the right, you can also export a draft to your computer, duplicate or delete a draft.
5 If your account has many users, View only mine option lets you choose whether you want to see only your own or all the drafts on the account.

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