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Newsletters are sent from the Messages page. You can also access that page from the Compose message button.

All available templates and drafts can be seen on the list. Either a template, an earlier draft, or a template made from a draft can be selected. The draft template tab is visible after the first draft has been created.


The delivery consists of four (or five if the Grounds for sending tab is in use) stages that you have to go through before sending a newsletter:

  1. Letter
    This view has two tabs: Write message and Plaintext. On the write message tab, you create the newsletter by using the editor. You can write the text content of your newsletter in the Plaintext field. You can also let LianaMailer write the plaintext version straight from HTML format message. In this case, check the box for Generate automatically. A small portion of recipients can't read HTML format newsletters and they will be shown the plaintext version of the letter. The recipient always only sees one version. 
  2. Recipients
    At this stage you choose the recipients from the mailing lists or add individual recipients one address at a time.
  3. Settings
    Modify the message settings.
  4. Sending
    At the delivery stage you can see a summary of the message and its recipients. Sending the message to the recipients always requires sending a preview first and that is done at this stage.

(If the Grounds for sending tab is in use, it is the third tab. There you can choose one of three alternatives:
a. Send letter to all list members and manage grounds for sending outside LianaMailer.
b. Filter chosen lists. Send the newsletter only to those list members that have the selected consent or legality criterion.
c. Obtain consents. Send the newsletter to only list members that are missing the selected consent.)

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