A subscriber's delivery history

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An individual subscriber's details, such as personal Open ratio and Click-through-ratio and received deliveries, can be viewed from the Subscribers page.


1 Statistics about the subscriber's message opens (OR) and clicks (CTR). Next to OR and CTR, you can see the comparison numbers to all the opens and clicks of the account in either green or red. The numbers are green if the subscriber's number is higher than average and red if the numbers are lower than the average delivery of the account. You can also see how many deliveries the subscriber has been a part of compared to all the deliveries of the account.

Deliveries for the subscriber are listed here, with information about opens and clicks. You can also open the sent newsletter and delivery report from the link.

3 This section shows you the subscriber's recipient list membership ratio compared to the total number of lists.
4 The subscriber's last activities, such as subscriptions, are shown on the right.

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