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A new subscriber can be added by selecting Add subscriber on the Subscriptions tab. Fill in the fields in the window that opens and click Add subscriber. Subscribers can also be added in a CSV format (for example an Excel table), more on this in Mailing lists.

To add an individual new subscriber, click the Add Subscriber icon on the Subscribers page. You can also add more subscribers at a time. Read more about this at the end of the page.


When adding a subscriber, the system asks for the subscriber's email address and SMS, i.e. mobile number, as well as the grounds for sending. Read more about the GDPR features in LianaMailer. You can also block all outgoing deliveries from this account to a certain email address by clicking Block subscriber. This is the easiest way to add individual addresses to ensure that no mail is sent to the addresses from this account.

On the List Memberships tab that opens, you can define the lists to which you want the subscriber to belong. When sending a newsletter from LianaMailer, the recipients are always selected from a list. If you want to send the letter to an individual address in addition to the lists, you can add it by typing the address on the Add recipients manually tab when sending the letter.


Grounds for sending can be added and deleted on the Grounds for sending tab.

If you want to add multiple subscribers to LianaMailer at once in CSV format (e.g. in an Excel spreadsheet), you can do so in two alternative ways:

  • Through the Subscribers page. From the dropdown menu at the top of the page, select the list to which you want to add new subscribers. Then click the Add subscribers from Excel file icon on the toolbar.
  • Through the Lists page. 

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