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You can use list filing if some of your lists are part of a larger target group. Filing helps the delivery of your messages: you can send a message to an entire folder or separate messages to the lists within a folder. The feature must be enabled from the settings, so that the filing system can be used. Contact our support if needed.

Reports show messages as separate deliveries to each list in the folder. The same confirmations are in place as when sending messages to lists normally: duplicates are deleted, messages are not sent to incorrect e-mails and those who requested to be deleted from the list will naturally not receive messages.

Adding a folder

You can add a folder by clicking the Add a folder icon that is on the upper right-hand corner of the Lists tab. Give the folder a name in the window that opens. The folder will then be displayed on the Lists page.


After this, you can also move previously made lists to the folder. Choose the list you want to move on the Lists page and click the action icon on the right and choose Move selected list to folder action. Then choose the folder name from the dropdown menu.


In the delivery stage you can choose whether the message is sent to all the lists in the folder or just some of them

Deleting a folder

A folder is deleted by clicking the action icon on the right of the Lists page and choosing Delete. Note that deleting a folder does not delete the lists it contains. The lists will remain in the Lists view.

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