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View, add and edit order products from this section.


1 Click Open advanced product list to edit products, the amount of them and tax percentages in a more comprehensive window. Further instructions can be viewed under the instructions concerning this view.
2 Print order product list (including product details) from the top right.
3 Press the product number on the product row to view the product in the system product management (from the system navigation Products -> Categories -> Select Category -> Select Product), change number of products ordered from the Number column and specify the price per item from the price/item column. Press Save. The changes made from this window only effect the prices in this order.
4 Search products by typing in the product name, or a part of it, into the search field and click Search. The hits will be listed under the field and can be added into an order. View the products added from the bottom of the page.
5 If the products have variations, they will be shown on the list under the product. Change variation name for a product or specify a price if necessary. Changing the variation details in this view will not effect the variation information in the system.


Advanced product list


1 View product in the system product management view by clicking on its identification number.
2 Change the amount of each product from the Amount column.
3 It is possible to change the name of the product for an order. The product information in the system remains unchanged.
4 Change product price from the Unit price column. The change will only be in effect for this order.
5 If necessary, change the value added tax that has been set by default. The change will only be in effect for this order.
6 Edit variation from this window as well. The details are changed in the same way as in the view described above.



Adding a product to an order

Products are added to an order through the icon. Clicking it will open a window similar to the picture above. Enter the amount of products you wish to add under the Pieces column and click Add. If the Pieces column is left blank, the number of products added will automatically be 1.

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