Front page in LianaCommerce

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When you sign into the system, the view will look somewhat like the following.


1 Move to different pages on the administrator site from the buttons in toolbar.
2 Shortcuts to the most important features are listed on the front page.
3 The top right table shows the orders in line for processing. View the details of an individual order by clicking on its status or order number.
4 See the bottom right for possible warnings on stock availability, new products, previous product changes and new clients. Click on an event name to view further information on it.
5 Edit personal details and settings, such as your password, by clicking on the user name in the top right corner.
6 Choose a language for the administrator page from the flag icon in the top right corner. The language selection has no influence on the target language of the content that is updated.
7 Use Search to search products, product categories and orders, which can all be edited from the administrator's site.

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