Question: How to create a new delivery from the press release?

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You can redeliver a press release in the Release archive. Click 'Released' on the top menu and choose the press release you want to re-deliver from the list. You can set the new delivery in the 'Deliveries' section of the page. You have two options for the delivery:

  • If you want to re-deliver to the same recipients, click on the release name. In the opening 'Delivery information' window, click the 'Send again' button at the bottom of the page.
  • If you want to deliver the release to different recipients, click the 'Create new delivery from the release' button. In the first section, you can modify the content of the existing release if you want to, and also update the content to the release published on LianaPress portal. In the next steps you can choose the recipients and set the delivery date and time.

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