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Press room compiles together all the releases you've sent, as well as other important press material, like images. If you have created a press room, a link to it will be automatically added to your release deliveries. This allows the recipients to access your press room straight from the release email you have sent.

Create a press room

To create a news room, click the Create Press Room button in the main menu of your Admin view. In the opening window you can add the content.


You can manage the visibility of your press room and hide it, if needed.

Add the name of the publisher to the Press room name field. The name will be displayed as the headline of your press room on LianaPress portal.

Write a short (under 125 characters including spaces) description of the publisher on the Ingress text field. The ingress text will be shown in the Press rooms section of the LianaPress website below the name and logo of your press room, as well as in your press room.

On the About the publisher field, you can write a longer and more detailed descption of the publisher. The description will be shown in your press room in the About the publisher section.

You can also add additional information about the publisher. The text added in this field will be shown in at the bottom of the About the publisher section and it will be separated from the main description.

In the next section you can add your logo by choosing the file you want.

You can also add a contact person. Add the picture, title and contact information of the person you want to add. These will be shown on the right side of your press room page on LianaPress.

Browsing and hiding releases

From Releases you can take a closer at the releases in your press room. By clicking the title of the release, you are automatically transferred to the release archive where you can modify the release's web publication and hide it from the site. You can also make the release a template for a new release and distribution. Instructions on how to modify a release and on re-delivery can be found here. You can hide releases from the news room one by one by clicking the red crosses next to the publishing time. 


Adding images

Images section lets you take a look at the images in your news room and add new images to the bank. Add a new image to the bank by clicking the Add image button. If you have created a folder/folders for your images, first choose which folder the new image is imported to. If you don't use folders, skip the Target folder section.

Click the Choose file button to import an image from your computer. If you want to import several images at the same time, click Add file. The images must be imported one by one. When you have imported an image/images from your computer, press Save.


Images are in alphabetical order in the press room. You can rename an image, modify its visibility and delete it from the red cross.

Modifying images

An imported image is at first invisible by default and cannot be seen in the press room. If you want an image to be visible, click the Hidden / Released button next to the image's name.


You can modify an image's name by clicking the Rename button next to the image title. Write the new name in the first column. You can also write a description for the image that is showed in the press room with the image.



Adding and modifying files

On the press room's Files section you can add different kinds of files, such as PDF files, to your news room. Click Add file to choose files from your computer. If you want to import several files at the same time, click Add file. Once you have imported the files from your computer, press the Save button.


Press room settings

Settings section lets you edit the settings of your press room. You can change the name of your press room or completely hide it if needed. If you want that all the releases of your sub accounts are in the same press room, choose this option by clicking it. 

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