Distribution list management in LianaPress

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In the distribution list view you can see the already created distribution lists and folders. You can edit folders and lists by clicking on their titles. You can remove an individual list or folder by clicking the red cross.


Renaming a list or a folder

Click the Rename icon on the right side of a list or a folder, write a new title and click Save.

Creating a new list

Create a distribution list by clicking the tab with that title. In this view you can name the list. Give the list a name, choose a folder for the list if needed and click Add folder.


You can bring contacts to the list as written text, from an Excel file or search contacts from the LianaPress media database. 

Importing contacts manually or by copying

On the Import recipients from text or file tab you can import your own contacts onto distribution lists. Write contacts' email addresses manually in the text field or copy and paste email addresses that you want to add on the list each on their own line. Press return after each address. After this press Add to list button and contacts are transferred on the list. Empty the text field by clicking Empty recipients to be added. 


The contacts added on the list appear in their own separate list in the List members field. You can delete individual contacts by pressing the red cross on the right side of the list. From the Modify button you can modify the contact's email address and add information about this contact, such as title and company. You can empty the entire distribution list by clicking the Empty list button.



Importing contacts from an Excel file

Import contacts from a table format Excel file by clicking the Upload file button. Choose a file from your computer and upload it into LianaPress. The file must be Excel 97- 2004 Workbook (.xls) format. Email addresses must be in the first column, each contact on their own row starting from the first row. Don't add a comma or other special characters in the cell after an email address, just the address is sufficient. The second column of the table can include additional information about the contact if you wish. 

Creating list using the LianaPress media database

You can add contacts to a distribution list from the LianaPress media database the same way as in creating a press release. Search contacts from the database according to area, industry, media type, title and language and then click the Show recipients button. You can view all found contacts in a separate window, and you can choose individual contacts to your distribution list by ticking the boxes or you can choose all contacts at once by clicking the Select all found on the upper right corner. When you've chosen all the contacts you want, click the Done button.

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