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Note that a scheduled release is specified as web publication and email delivery. You can cancel or modify both of these scheduled deliveries or just the other one if you want. You can find your scheduled releases in Release archive. 

Emergency cancellation of a scheduled release

Go to the Release archive and click the title of a scheduled release you want to cancel.

In the opening window you can see a red CANCEL button on the upper left corner or the window. Click the button and the system will ask you to confirm the cancellation (see image below).


If you click 'Yes', the scheduled publication on the LianaPress portal and all the scheduled email deliveries will be cancelled. You will get a confirmation from the system once the cancellation has been done and you will be directed back to the Release archive.


We recommend to use the emergency cancellation only in the most urgent cases, because the emergency cancellation will move the release back to drafts and remove all recipients you have chosen for the delivery.


Modifying a scheduled web publication and email delivery

You can modify scheduled publication on the LianaPress portal and the scheduled email deliveries for that release in the Release archive.

Go to the Drafts tab and click on the release you want to modify. In the opening window you will see the details of the release. Below the release detaisl, you will see the 'Modify news release and scheduled deliveries' button. Click the button and a following window will open:


In this window, you can change the type, language and chosen categories for the release.

Publish on portals shows you the portals where your release will be publised. (If you leave this empty, as in the example above, the release will not be published in any portals but it will only have email deliveris.)

News release is being published at shows you the date and time when the release will be published on LianaPress portal. You can modify it by choosing another date and time on the fields.

Update modifications to scheduled deliveries. When this box is being ticked, changes that you make in the publication time will be automatically updated in the email distribution time as well. Please note that this will delete the emabrgo, if you have preset an emabro to your release. If you wish to only modify the content of the release and the email delivery time, but not the publication time, untick the box. 

Note! Because the web publication delivery time is in question, setting a new delivery time deletes the embargo that is an option for email deliveries.

Confirm the modification by clicking Save. You can go back to archive without making any changes from the Back button.

Modifying scheduled email deliveries

You can modify a scheduled email delivery by first clicking Releases and then clicking the release's title in the Scheduled releases section.


Next you can see the details of the scheduled release. You can modify a preset email delivery by pressing the Cancel and modify button or delete completely by pressing the Delete button.

When you press the Cancel and modify button, the system asks if you want to cancel the scheduled release and modify it. This action cancels the scheduling and you can modify the release in the first stage of creating a release. Modifying keeps the recipients in the delivery. You can also choose the preset release as a template for a new release by scheduling the Template for new release and delivery button.

When you modify a cancelled publication's email distribution, the Update content to the site publication box is ticked. This means that the changes to content and the new delivery time are saved for the web publication as well. Note! Check the scheduled time at the third Send release stage of delivery. The scheduled time is the same as before cancellation and modifying. Scheduling it again and saving changes happens the same way as in when normally creating a release.

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