Press release archive in LianaPress

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All the press releases you send are saved in the release archive. You can also find all the saved drafts and scheduled releases from the archive. 


1 By clicking the menu on the top of the page you can look at the drafts or scheduled releases only, for example.  
2 If you have the Statistics additional feature, there is a tab for it in the release archive.
3 You can examine individual releases, drafts and scheduled releases by clicking on their title. This way you can view the information of the release or the draft and can examine their contents more closely. 
4 If you want to delete a draft or a release, click the red cross next to the title on the right. LianaPress then asks for your confirmation that you really want to delete the file.  


You can modify the draft of your release by clicking its title. First you see the general details of your release and then you can either edit the release by clicking the Modify button or delete it complately by clicking the Delete button.

Published releases

You can examine the information of published releases can edit the web publications by clicking the release's title. Email distribution releases cannot be edited after delivery but the web publication on portal can be modified anytime from the Modify web publication button. You can also hide the release in the portal from the Hide release button.

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