Step 2: Choose recipients

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In the second step, you can choose the recipients of the delivery.

Shared and saved distribution lists

If you have created and saved lists earlier, or if you have shared distribution lists, you will see them listed on the left side of the page.

Selecting recipients from the media database


You can select recipients from the LianaPress media database with the search tool on the right. You can use different filters and search, for example, by area, industry or media type to find the relevant recipients for your release. You can use multiple filters at the same time. In the "results found" field you can see how many media contacts were found with your selections. You can see all the recipients when you click on "Select recipients", and select or remove individual contacts in the list.

Adding individual recipients

You can add individual recipients by typing the email address to the "Add recipient" field one at a time.

Saving the recipients as a distribution list


You can save the recipients as a distribution list for later use when you click on "Chosen recipients" and, in the opening window, click "Save as a distribution list."

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