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On the Collections page you can do a listing of chosen pieces of news as an RSS feed or a public news list. 


Add a new collection from the plus sign and name the collection. Choose whether you want the collection to have a public RSS feed or a public newslist or both. 

If you want that the public newslist can only be read from certain IP addresses, enter the addresses in the next field. 

After this click Add collection

When you click the tool image next to the collection you have made, you are able to copy the addresses on a public newslist or an RSS feed and add them on your website if you wish. Make note that chosen hits will be tranferred onto the website in about 15 minutes after adding the hit to a collection. 

Once the collection has been completed, you can add the hits that you want there from the monitors of your choice. Go to the Monitors tab and click the monitor you want to view. A piece of news is added to a collection by hovering the cursor over a hit and by clicking the star icon that appears on the image. The system then opens a menu from which you can choose the collection where you want the hit added.

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