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You can use Quick Search to search for media hits using any keyword. The search function works like a search engine, allowing you to quickly browse and read what has been written about a specific topic in recent times.



Add one or multiple keywords that you want to search for. All of the keywords you add in this field must be present in the result for it to appear.

3 You can add supporting words in addition to the words added in step 2. At least one word from the words added in this section must also be found in addition to the words in step 2.
4 Exclude results where the word added in this section has been used.
5 You can specify the sources (data sources) from which the search results are retrieved. Different sources can be selected if you have access to data sources from different countries.
5 You can change the time period that you want to view. You can search for up to the last 13 months.

Note! Quick search does not support proximity operators, so keywords cannot be combined using dots, for example liana...communications does not work in quick search.

Read more how to use keywords.



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