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The pages of a web site are managed from the page list view that you find by clicking Pages on the top menu.


1 The page list shows a hierarchical view of all the pages. You can modify a page by clicking the row it is on. Other actions can be directed at the page by clicking its row active and choosing an action from the icons (2 or 6).
2 The page management has different functions. Hover the mouse over an icon for more information.
3 The flags show which languages the page is available in, and the date shows when the page has last been edited.
4 From the visibility column you can modify the page visibility. If you want to show or hide the page from view, change the page visibility. If you want to modify whether or not the page is visible in menus, change the page's menu visibility. If you want to modify whether or not the page can be found with search engines, change the page's search engine visibility.
5 Change the page order using the arrow buttons on the right. If you want to move a page to another part of the website (for example as a subpage of another page), change the page's main page from the page settings.
6 You can open a separate Actions view by clicking the Actions icon.

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