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You can add a new page to your site according to the instructions below:


1 Choose Pages tab from the main menu.
2 Click Add a new page icon.
3 Give the page a title. 
4 Choose the Parent page for the new page. The new page will be located under this page in the sitemap. If the page is going to be one of the main pages, leave this field empty.
5 You can copy the hierarchy of an existing page to your new page. The copied page will get the same structure of modules and subpages as the original page.
6 Choose whether you want the new page to be in the beginning or at the end of the page listing. You can later change the order with the arrow buttons on the Pages menu.
7 Save the page by clicking the Add button.


The new page is hidden by default. You can make the page visible from the Visibility icon. If you want that the page is or isn't visible in the page menu, change the menu visibility. If you want to define whether the page can be found with search engines, change the SEO visibility. You can change the page's place on the site listing and the public menu with the arrow buttons. 


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