Manage Publisher and Sender Settings in LianaPress

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LianaPress will be updated on Tuesday, April 23rd, late in the afternoon (UTC+2). New features will be visible automatically to everyone and do not require any action from you.

  • Define sender addresses per publisher
    • You can specify the default sending email address
  • Add and manage domains as well as delivery settings
    • You can check from the interface whether the delivery settings for the domain are confirmed (DKIM, SPF, and DMARC)
    • Add and remove domains
    • Add and remove domain’s sending addresses

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Publisher settings

In the Publisher Settings section, you can see publishers and their default sender addresses. If there are multiple publishers in use, the Main Account column shows which of the publishers is the main account.

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By clicking on the publisher's name, you can edit the default sender email address.

The Default Sending Address section opens a dropdown menu where additional sender addresses added to the publisher are selectable. In the Domain and Sender Settings section, it is possible to add sending addresses.

These addresses are also visible in the third step of creating a press release when selecting the sender address to press release.

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Domain and sender settings

Listing of the active domains in LianaPress. For each domain, it shows whether the delivery settings (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) have been confirmed. Learn more about delivery settings.

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You can add a new domain by clicking on the plus icon in the top right corner, and then typing in the domain you want to add.

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When adding a new domain, it's important to note that its delivery settings must be confirmed before using it as a sending address for a press release. Learn more about delivery settings.

By clicking on a domain, you can get more detailed information about that specific domain.

  • Permissions: If there are multiple publishers, you can specify which publisher has access to this domain.
  • Publisher domain settings statuses: The status of the publisher regarding delivery settings. Red indicates that changes still need to be made, green means it's verified.
  • Sender Addresses: Add and remove sending addresses for the domain. You can add one or more. Specify the default sending address in the Publisher Settings section.

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If you have any questions about LianaPress, please contact our support or our experts.

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