New features in LianaMonitor

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LianaMonitor will be updated on Wednesday, 28th February, in the late afternoon (UTC+2). New features will be visible automatically to everyone and do not require any action on your part.

  • Increase options for selecting the timeframe in the dashboard chart widget.
    • Enables comparison, for example, in terms of your own visibility.
  • Labels can now be added to monitor, hit report, analysis report, subscription form, or collection.
    • You can organize views through labels.
  • Mass addition of labels is now available for press releases.

Selecting the timeframe for the dashboard chart widget

You can now define the chart timeframe more flexibly for review.

Näyttökuva 2024-2-28 kello 9.48.06.png


This enables comparison. You can create two separate widgets, each with a specified time period for comparison.

monitor update 2 en.png


Now you can also add labels to monitors, hit reports, analysis reports, subscription forms, or collections. This helps you to organize different views. Keywords for monitor are now found in their own column in the Monitors view.

monitor update 3 en .png

You can now add labels in bulk for press releases. When sending out a large number of press releases, this saves time by not having to add labels to each release individually.

monitor update 4 en.png

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