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Through LianaAutomation, it is now possible to send double opt-in messages as well. This means that when a person subscribes to the newsletter, a confirmation message is first sent to their email, and by clicking the link in the message, they confirm the newsletter subscription. This prevents someone from making a subscription on their behalf without their knowledge.

The double opt-in functionality must be enabled in LianaMailer for the new features to be available in LianaAutomation as well.

How to use Double opt-in

Send message (Opt-in)

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The element can be connected to the desired segment.

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The use of the 'Send message (Opt-in)’ element requires that Double opt-in functionality is added in LianaMailer, and a Welcome message is configured for the desired subscription page. You can configure the Welcome message in LianaMailer's Subscription sites section. If this has already been done, you can skip directly past the LianaMailer settings section.

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Choose a newsletter template to start creating the welcome message. Create the desired message confirming the newsletter subscription.

Note! Remember to add the $confirm$ variable to the message, linking to confirm the newsletter subscription.

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Finish creating the message and save it.

Is confirmed (Opt-in)

The Is confirmed element checks if the person has confirmed their subscription by clicking the link in the email. There are three different types to choose from in the block:

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If the person is not confirmed, a confirmation message can be sent to them. If the person is confirmed, communication can proceed normally.

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Confirm (Opt-in)

The element can confirm people's subscriptions without them having to do it themselves. However, remember that consent for confirmation must be able to be presented when required.

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