Double opt-in has been added to LianaAutomation

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Through LianaAutomation, it is now possible to send double opt-in messages as well. This means that when a person subscribes to the newsletter, a confirmation message is first sent to their email, and by clicking the link in the message, they confirm their newsletter subscription.

The double opt-in functionality must be enabled in LianaMailer for the new features to be available in LianaAutomation.

Three new blocks have been added to LianaAutomation, allowing the implementation of double opt-in. You can send double opt-in messages, check the subscriber's status, or force confirmation for the subscriber.

  • Send message (Opt-in)

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  • Is confirmed (Opt-in)
    • Three different types to choose from

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  • Confirm (Opt-in)
    • The confirmation has been collected somewhere else.

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Read more about double opt-in functionality in the support site's instructions.

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