The creation of media monitoring is being renewed

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The creation of a monitor in LianaMonitor gets a new look! Although the functions remain the same, we hope that their categorization into different sections will streamline the creation of monitors.

The update will take place on Tuesday, 12th December, in the late afternoon (UTC+2), and the feature will automatically become visible to everyone without requiring any action on your part.

The creation of monitors is now divided into distinct sections, making it easier and more efficient to create monitors.

monitor creation, article 1.png


On the left side, each section is described one by one, detailing what is done in each respective section.

monitor creation, article 2.png

In each field, there is a question mark icon. By pressing it, you will receive more detailed instructions on the functionality of that field.

monitor creation, article 3.png

Read detailed instructions on how to add a new monitor using the revamped form.


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