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In the "Users" section, you can see all of the organization's users and make changes to users or their roles.

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1 You can see the limit set for the organization on how many user accounts can be in the organization. The user limit does not affect how many applications the user account has access to.

Select whether you want to see all users in the listing or invited users. Invited users are those who have been invited to the organization but have not yet accepted the invitation from their email.


From the "+" icon, you can add a new user to the organization. Read more about adding a user below.

If the user limit in step 1 is reached, you can increase the user limit. Increasing the user limit incurs a cost.


Adding a user to the organization

Enter the invited user's email address and click Continue.

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Removing user from organization

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  • Click on the user, from the top right, you can remove the user from the organization.
  • On the 'Roles' tab, you can change the user's roles in different applications and in organization.

User roles

Add an organization role and an application role for the user. The organization role affects LianaAccount and its permissions to make changes. Assign an application role to the applications the user needs access to. Without an application role, the user won't be able to log in to the application.

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Organizational Roles:

  • Administrator: Can manage all organization users and their roles, as well as invite new users to the organization and applications.
  • User: Can view all applications and users within applications. Cannot modify users of applications or organizations.

Application Roles:

  • Administrator: Has access to the application's settings and all content.
  • User: Can use the application but cannot modify the application's settings.

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