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In the Solutions section, you can see the Liana solutions available to the organization.

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By clicking on the solution's name, you will get more detailed information about that particular solution.

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  • In the overview, you can see the applications and their status (inactive/active).
  • From the Settings tab, you can provide an alternative name for the solution, which will be visible in the Solutions listing. This helps differentiate the solutions, especially if you have e.g. multiple LianaMailer accounts in use.

By opening the application, you can see the users, the user's role in the application, and the user's status.


1 You can remove the user from the application.

Log in to the application. 

3 Using the + -icon, you can invite an existing user in the organization to be a user of the application or add an entirely new user. Learn more about inviting a user to the application.


Adding a user to the application

By clicking on the + icon, you can invite a new user to the application or add an entirely new user to the organization.

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  • Enter the email address of the user you want to invite to the application. If the user already exists in the organization, the system will suggest their username.
  • If you want to invite an entirely new user who does not yet exist in the organization, enter the email address of the invited user. After selecting the email address, click 'Continue.'
  • Specify the organizational role and application role for the user. After defining the role, you can invite the user.

User roles

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Organizational Roles:

  • Administrator: Can manage all organization users and their roles, as well as invite new users to the organization and applications.
  • User: Can view all applications and users within applications. Cannot modify users of applications or organizations.

Application Roles:

  • Administrator: Has access to the application's settings and all content.
  • User: Can use the application but cannot modify the application's settings.

You can find more information about adding users to organization in the Users section.

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