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With LianaAccount you can manage your personal details, organization details, organization users and solutions.
Get started now and see quickly where to find key features.
See below for a usage training on LianaAccount. In the video, we explain what LianaAccount is and go through its key functionalities.

Personal details


You can navigate to your personal details from Account settings. There you can update your:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Time zone 
  • Language
  • Your password

Organization details


You can navigate to your organization details from Organization settings. There you can update your:

  • Time zone
  • Language

Users and access rights


You can navigate to your organization's users from Users. There you can:

  • Add new users
  • Modify and remove access rights
  • Remove users



You can navigate to your organization's solutions from Solutions. There you can:

  • Review each solution and their status
  • See what applications belong to each solution
  • Modify users and access rights per solution



You can get help and send feedback from the Support menu:

  • Help Center offers solution-specific FAQ and instructions
  • User Guide gives you instructions and tips on how to use your application
  • Support chat enables you to chat with our customer service experts
  • Send feedback if you have any suggestions or product development ideas

Application menu


With the help of the Application menu, you can easily find all your Liana applications and switch between them.

They are listed by the organizations and Liana Solutions you belong to.

User menu


At the top right corner you find your personal User menu. There you can find:

  • Link to your personal account details
  • List of all organizations you belong to

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