Question: How do I copy and paste text into a newsletter?

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Often, text is copied from elsewhere and pasted into the newsletter. It is advisable to paste the text into LianaMailer without any formatting and apply the formatting using LianaMailer's editor. This ensures that the text adopts the default font of the newsletter template and that no formatting is carried over that cannot be used in newsletters.

When you want to paste text without formatting, use the following shortcuts:

  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + v
  • Mac: Option + Command + Shift + v

Another option is to utilize a different tool for removing text formatting. For instance, Notepad is commonly employed to paste text, remove formatting, and paste the text into LianaMailer.

In LianaMailer's text editor, you can also find a "Remove format" button, which allows you to remove the formatting of the text already added to the newsletter.



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